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Why should you learn Japanese language?

Learning Japanese is a multifaceted journey, that offers cultural appreciation, travel enrichment, and numerous career opportunities.Mastering Japanese can help you gain a deeper understanding of Japan's rich cultural heritage, from traditional art to customs.

Traveling becomes more meaningful as you can navigate seamlessly, interact with locals, and get detailed information about different regions. Professionally, Japanese language skills are highly valued in industries such as business, technology, tourism and translation. Access to Japanese media and entertainment in their original languages ​​provides a more authentic experience, including literature, films, anime, manga and music.

In addition, mastering complex writing systems and linguistic nuances represents an intellectual challenge that contributes to cognitive skills and personal development. Learning Japanese is not just a language; It is the key to global perspectives, direct communication with native speakers and the potential for educational experiences through study abroad programs. Overall, it opens the doors to a lively world where tradition and modernity meet.

Why Learn Japanese Language at LangEcole®?

  • Global Alumni Network: Joining LangÉcole® for Japanese language learning means becoming part of over 6000 alumni across 100+ companies and 30 countries.

  • Cutting-Edge Language Training:LangÉcole® stands out as a premier language institute by offering cutting-edge language training through live online sessions or at our centers.

  • Experienced and Qualified Instructors:Learn Japanese from well-qualified and experienced instructors at LangÉcole with qualifications like MA/PhD/JLPT-N2/N1 in Japanese language.

  • Proven Track Record: With a proven track record of successful language training, LangÉcole has consistently produced proficient language learners and they get placed in top MNCs in India.

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    Professional Courses in Japanese Language at LANGÉCOLE®:

    Our extensive batches has 4-6 hours of classes in a week. Individual or Intensive courses have customised hours per day/week.

    Classes are conducted in Live Online Mode or at our centres during Weekends and Weekdays depending on batches.

    All classes are dynamic and stimulate the students to communicate in the language they are learning.

    Our courses are taught in a fast tracked way and with the goal to attain and pass the JLPT certifications in Japanese language.

    Japanese Level - A1 / A2

    Japanese Level A1 is for those who have not studied Japanese earlier followed by Japanese Level A2, basic sentence patterns and conversational expressions are introduced through numerous structured exercises and interactive exercises. Taking this course allows the student to communicate with Japanese people by answering and asking simple questions. The student can read and write small paragraphs and communicate effectively in everyday situations, e.g. B. by inviting someone, offering help, making requests, complaining and apologizing. This course enables students to take the JLPT N-5 after completion of Japanese Level A1 and JLPT N-4 after Japanese Level A2. Each level is spread over approx 4-6 Months and batches usually starts in January/February and July/August.

    Japanese Level - B1

    This course is in continuation after completion of our Japanese Level A2 course or an equivalent course at any institution and enables students to take the JLPT N-3 level Japanese exam. At this level, sentence patterns and conversational expressions are introduced at an intermediate level. Completion of this course will enable the student to speak, understand, read and write about their personal experiences and opinions. Can formulate requests, complaints and apologies fluently and accurately. Can formulate effective, easy-to-understand statements and respond appropriately to the listener, enabling a fluent conversation. This course is spread over an intensive 6-9 months and usually starts in January/February and July/August.

    Japanese - B2

    This course is in continuation after completion of our Japanese Level B1 course or an equivalent course at any institution and enables students to take the JLPT N-2 level Japanese exam. At this level, advanced sentence patterns and conversational expressions are introduced. After completing this course, the students are enabled to converse and discuss problems fluently in Japanese. They can effectively extract information using Japanese language. In addition, a student can establish, maintain and renew interpersonal relationships with Japanese speakers. After this level a student can research the area of ​​interest further in Japanese and give an oral presentation and/or write a report on the topic.

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