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LangÉcole® is a leading brand in Language Training Solutions in India with multiple centres and languages to offer.
We have been featured in many media coverage including NDTV and Economics Times.


We provide various kinds of language training, some of which are:

Classroom training at Langecole

Classroom Training

International Quality Training

Audio & Visual learning equipments available

AC class rooms

Subject matter experts available to help

Free Seminars on Interviewing Skills, Career Development, Personal Branding etc

Internship for students

Free Practice at Langecole

Free Practice

Unlimited Online practice for our students

Extra practice materials are available on our portal

At the comfort of your home

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Solution with Sample Questions, practice tests, video materials, study plan, practice tests, and more

Corporate Training at Langecole

Corporate Training

Customized training solutions

Get accustomed to various mock interviews, personal development tests and so on

It allows employees to explore their learning environment—in their own way and at their own pace

This type of experiential learning can help individuals gain valuable insights, from both their successes and failures

Individual Training at Langecole

Individual Training

One to one training for your specific needs

Faster-paced training mode

Teachers can assist students with exam technique and work with them to fine tune their skills and knowledge to ensure they achieve the grades that they are aiming for

Teachers make their students feel at ease, are flexible, adaptable and know how to get the very best out of their students


LANGUAGE is the key, for a communication to happen and we believe that the process of learning a language is incomplete without understanding the people and culture of the respective countries. So, we don't just teach you a "LANGUAGE", we make you an expert in language and culture. We are also developing our virtual Cultural Centres for the languages we are teaching.

At LANGÉCOLE®, we provide specific language courses for executives and travellers from business firms at their premises as per their need.The language teaching methodology varies from case to case and includes teaching aids like, internet, apps, audio and multimedia.

All the language solutions that we indulge into, like language teaching and corporate training, translation services, and language interpretation etc are done by Native speakers or very Experienced language experts - We deliver quality !

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During this memorable journey of language training and teaching, we got the oppurtunity to meet, teach and train many impressive individuals. We'll always cherish those moments and here are some of those captured memoirs:

Completion of Portuguese Advance Level

Completion of Portuguese Advance Level

Corporate Training in Foreign Language

Corporate Training in Foreign Language

Corporate Training at Company Premises

Corporate Training at Company Premises

Certificate Distribution at langecole

Certificate Distribution

Corporate Training at Delhi Center

Corporate Training at Delhi Center

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With a large network of our experienced and native language teachers, trainers, communication and language experts, we are here to bring best language training and teaching solutions for you. We would like to hear you - for any of your question or if you just want to have a nice little chat about any of our solutions we provide. Just leave us your details and we will connect you the next possible moment.