Corporate Training

Professional Training in Foreign Languages and Communication

At LangÉcole®, we specialise in helping businesses and individuals throughout India to succeed in international markets by developing and delivering top-class corporate language training that drives effective communication for businesses. All our language courses are unique and tailored to the specific business requirements, to ensure that the corporate language & communication training objectives are met in the shortest possible time.

To book any of our Language & Communication Courses please call us on +91-93114-88060 or Email us. Our team will be happy to answer any query you may have.

Corporate Training at langecole

Corporate Language Training in Multiple Languages

> English > French > German > Spanish > Portuguese
> Japanese > Chinese > Korean > Thai > Vietnamese
> Hindi > Bengali > Tamil > Kannada > Tamil
> Russian > Italian > Swedish > Dutch > Polish
> Arabic > Persian > Greek > Hebrew > Turkish

LANGÉCOLE® provides specific language courses for executives and travellers for MNCs, business houses, corporates and firms at their premises as per their need.The teaching methodology vary from case to case and includes teaching aids like, books, internet, apps, audio and multimedia etc.

We also help the learners understand the quick use of language apps and Translation Services which helps them quick language interpretation in case of need while traveling to international market. We also believe in long term relation and helping them while in need by providing our Native Quality Translation Services and Language Interpretation Services whenever needed.

Corporate Training at langecole

We have trained 500+ employees in foreign languages for various Fortune 500 companies, conglomerates, organisations and institutions at their premises. With our regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, we have trained in metros as well as in remote cities in India.

To book any of our Language & Communication Courses please call us on +91-93114-88060 or Email us. Our team will be happy to answer any query you may have.

French Language Corporate Training by langecole

With our dedicated research team, we have prepared specific training material to suit the corporate needs of various industries like - Mining and Minerals, Oil, BPO - KPO, IT, ITes etc. We also customise our courses as per specific needs of company.

Our Happy Clients

We are retained by some of leading MNCs and coporate houses for their language and communication training needs. Here are some of the leading clients we served:


With a large network of our experienced and native language teachers, trainers, communication and language experts, we are here to bring best language training and teaching solutions for you. We would like to hear you - for any of your question or if you just want to have a nice little chat about any of our solutions we provide. Just leave us your details and we will connect you the next possible moment.