Hindi Language

Why Should You Learn Hindi Language?

More than 365 million people speak Hindi worldwide.
Hindi is considered to be the fourth most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Hindi is mainly spoken in India and southern part of Nepal. Outside India a substantially large number of Indian diaspora living in Mauritius, Fiji, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, U.S.A., U.K., Canada, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Australia and South Africa, Yemen, Uganda, Singapore, New Zealand & Germany also speak in Hindi.

India attracts lots of foreigner tourists every year for it’s rich culture and history. While travelling through India and exploring its culture, it is more meaningful when you can communicate in Hindi.

  • India is coming up as a fastest growing global economy. Whether you are dealing in business, information technology, sciences, medicines, Yoga, Ayurveda or digital media, India is an increasingly important presence globally and they speak Hindi.

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  • Many corporations are looking to expand their operations and sales to the South Asian region will recruit people who are familiar with Hindi and the Indian culture to market their products to a Hindi-speaking

  • Indian culture is beginning to influence Western culture. Many Hindi words are slowly spreading into other languages. At the same time western clothing's and fashion industries have growing influence of Indian culture and couture.

  • Western film and music is increasingly influenced by Indian traditions. Indian films (“Bollywood”) are the second most prolific in the world, behind Hollywood. Indian music is becoming increasingly influential in mainstream music in the United States. You may find that Hindi helps you better understand dialogues and lyrics from world superstars.

  • Knowledge of Hindi opens doors to the study of poetry, philosophy, sacred texts, and song that is rare for Westerners. Hindi is a beautiful, ancient, elegant, and expressive language.

  • YOGA is practiced by large number of people worldwide. This is an ancient Indian practice. It becomes easier to understand the words from ancient YOGA Sutra written in Sanskrit, if you know Hindi.

  • Hindi is one of the oldest languages in the world (descended directly from Sanskrit) and is one of the easiest and most logical languages to read, write, and pronounce.

  • The grammar of Hindi is very easy and similar to English grammar. There are virtually no grammatical concepts that do not exist in English.

  • The Devanagari script of Hindi is employed to write several other languages in South Asia, including Nepali, Marathi, and Sanskrit. It is also closely related to Punjabi (in India), Bengali, Gujarati, and Oriya.

To book any of our Language & Communication Courses please call us on +91-93114-88060 or Email us. Our team will be happy to answer any query you may have.

Professional Courses in Hindi Language and Culture at LANGÉCOLE®:

Our extensive batches has 4-6 hours of classes in a week. Individual or Hindi Intensive courses have customised hours per day/week.

Classes are conducted at our centres during Weekends and Weekdays both.

All classes are dynamic and stimulate the students to communicate in the language they are learning.

All our lectures are conducted by Native or Bilingual professionals with experience overseas.


This course is Beginner level course in Hindi language and culture. In this course, students get introduced to the Hindi language using Latin transilerated alphabets alongwith introduction to Devnagari script. This course is designed keeping in mind the foreigners, expats and non-Hindi speakers to teach Hindi with ease. We cover most common situations for conversation in Hindi and stuctured lessons make learners enable to easily start speaking Hindi. This course is first of its where Hindi is taught as foreign language.


This course is focussed to develop Basic level conversational skills and writing skills in Hindi language. Here we make students use Devnagari script and take through Hindi Grammar in details. At the end of course, students would be able to start conversation by using expressions, basic grammar and common words in day to day life. They would also be able to use Devanagari script and start writing sentences using the script. This level of course is taught in English using latin trasiliteration and Devanagari script.


In this intensive course students learn new grammar lessons and improve his/her reading, writing and speaking skills. At the end of the course they are able to communicate about several topics using improved grammar and pronunciation.


The students read and talk about a wider range of topics and also learn many idiomatic expressions commonly used in Hindi speaking countries. They will also learn complex grammar lessons and would be able to communicate in complex sentences at the end of the course.


Students can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices. They can summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation. This can also develop translation skills and advance level conversational skills in Hindi. At the end of C2 level they would also be able to communicate fluently with advance level communication skills in Hindi.

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