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Why Should You Learn Korean Language?

The importance of Korean language is spoken by an estimated seventy-five million people in North and South Korea, and the importance of Korean language is steadily growing all over the world

  • Learning Korean can also help you strengthen personal relationships with Korean-speaking friends or loved ones

  • With the mega companies like Samsung, LG and Hyundai, Korea is the 13th largest economy in the world

  • Companies worldwide are increasingly looking to global markets, and many employers and agents are looking for talented individuals with multiple language competencies and knowledge of overseas cultures and markets

  • Not only will it open up doors in your business life, but your personal life will be enhanced with a broadened social network, cultural competencies and manners, and increased possibilities for the future

  • You will be able to communicate with tour guides, business owners, and locals, which will allow you to have a better overall travel experience

  • If you travel to Korea, or meet Korean-speaking people in the United States, you can use your Korean-language skills to bridge the cultural gap, and help someone else learn English

  • Very few people can speak in this language. So, it’s a plus point. And you'll have a good career too

  • Korean is an increasingly important language on the world stage because of South Korea’s powerful economy, geopolitical importance and growing presence in Asian pop culture

  • The Korean alphabet Hangeul is really easy to learn. You can learn it in an hour or two. All the characters are combinations of straight lines or circles

Professional Courses in Korean Language at LANGÉCOLE:

All batches are 4-6 hours a week. Classes are conducted at our Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai centres during Weekends and Weekdays.

All classes are dynamic and stimulate the students to communicate in the language they are learning.

All our lectures are conducted by Native or Bilingual professionals with experience overseas.

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