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Learn Hindi in Live Online Interactive Hindi Language Program by LangEcole

Event Date: 2019-10-15
 Venue: Online
Time: 08:00 PM IST
Learn Hindi in Live Online Interactive Hindi Language Program by LangEcole

LangÉcole®is a premium language institute in Delhi -NCR in India and it offers intensive language study in Hindi language and Indian cross-cultural learning in India. 

Live Online Interactive Hindi Language Program

We have received lots of demand for online Live Interactive Hindi Language Course. So, we are starting a group session in  where students have the opportunity to learn & practice Hindi with our native experienced trainer in a group live online classes. 

Hindi Language Course Details offered during this program:

Beginner level (A1) course is a mix grammar structure lessons, script and individual speaking practice sessions. Students learn all aspects, including reading, writing, and speaking, during the course. The program can be customized to the requirements of the students. Any special requirements, such as consolidation on any one aspect, like only spoken skills is also taken cared of. Beginner level (A1) course is offered through Roman script. However with special requirement, Devnagari script can be included in A1 level also. 

We offer various level of courses in Hindi starting from A1 to C2 levels. Please visit our Languages section for details of each level. 

Live Online Interactive Hindi Language Program Schedule:

Hindi Classes in Live Online Interactive Hindi Language Program are scheduled twice every week / weekend for 1.5 hrs (90 minutes) each starting first interactive session on 15-Oct-2019, IST 8 PM - 9 PM. Book your calendar for this first FREE session. 

Location: ONLINE

Duration:  40 hrs

Certification in Hindi Language Course: 

Upon successful completion of the course and final exam, you may be provided a certificate. 

Fee & Charges: 

It can be paid online via PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer. 

Details will be shared in the first interactive session. 


Other Programs Offered in Hindi by LangÉcole® Hindi Language School: 

Homestay Hindi Immersion Program for Foreigners 

Regular Classroom Training in Hindi Language for Foreigners


Show your interest by clicking on "Interested" 

For more details, please email to: info@langecole.com  or WhatsApp: +91-99585-92758



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