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Homestay Hindi Immersion Program in India

Event Date: 2019-11-01
 Venue: LangÉcole Homestay Options
Time: 10:00
Homestay Hindi Immersion Program in India

LangÉcole®is a premium language school with centres in Delhi -NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai in India. It offers intensive language study in Hindi language and Indian cross-cultural learning in India. 

Homestay Hindi Immersion Program in New Delhi, India

We offer Hindi Immersion Program with a three to four-week homestay in Delhi-NCR, India. The program includes homestay with local families (most of the time with trainer) where students have the opportunity to practice their Hindi with their host / trainer. 

The homestay accommodation offers nice & cozy atmosphere. The host family members are conversant both in Hindi & English and would like to encourage you to speaking Hindi while you are there. 

The homestays are exclusively meant for hosting students only and not for ordinary travelers or business people. 

Hindi Classes on offer:

Beginner level (A1) course is a mix grammar structure lessons, script and individual speaking practice sessions. Students learn all aspects, including reading, writing, and speaking, during the course. The program can be customized to the requirements of the students. Any special requirements, such as consolidation on any one aspect, like only spoken skills is also taken cared of. Beginner level (A1) course is offered through Roman script. However with special requirement, Devnagari script can be included in A1 level also. 

From Basic (A2) Level onwards, course uses Devnagari as well as Roman Script depending on student’s preference. 

We offer various level of courses in Hindi starting from A1 to C2 levels. Please visit our Languages section for details of each level. 

Hindi Immersion Program Schedule:

Hindi Classes in Immersion Program are scheduled every month from 01-21, round the year, however there are limited seats every month and usually booked in 3-6 months in advance. Thus it is advisable to plan the dates in advance and confirm your travel dates. 

Location: Delhi-NCR

Duration: 3 Weeks

Certification in Hindi Language Course: 

Upon successful completion of the course and final exam, you may be provided a certificate. 

Fee & Charges: 

Homestay Hindi Immersion Program for Foreigners w.e.f. 01-April-2019 

Classroom Course (40 Hrs.) + Conversation & Cultural Training (20 Hours) per Level 

Includes charges for classes and study material only. 

Accommodation Options: 

Private Single Room for 3 weeks  or / &

Double Occupancy Twin Sharing Room for couple or ladies only for 3 weeks

The home stay accommodation offers spacious & well-ventilated rooms. The rooms have air conditioner, attached private toilet, LCD television, study table/chair, bed, and closet. 

The home-stays are exclusively meant for hosting students and not for ordinary travelers. 


Vegetarian Lunch & Dinner is provided everyday (Sundays off) during your stay.

You will have fresh, home-made food, cooked specially for you in the family kitchen. Feel cosy and get immersed in the spicy conversation while enjoying food with the family.  



We also arrange Yoga, Indian Dance, Indian Cooking & Indian music lessons on demand. Generally, classes are held at the school/homestay or in the neighborhood. 

For more details, please email to: info@langecole.com  or WhatsApp: +91-99585-92758



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