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Túlio Mourão - A Pianist, Composer and Arranger

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Túlio Mourão - A Pianist, Composer and Arranger

Túlio Mourão 

A Pianist, Composer and Arranger  

Born in, Minas Gerais, Túlio Mourão has been a protagonist in many important movements in the Brazilian Popular Music. He integrated the band Mutantes in its progressive rock era, and after that he played with such artists as Milton Nascimento, Maria Bethânia, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Ney Matogrosso, among others. He has written songs with Milton Nascimento, Adélia Prado, Marcio Borges, Tavinho Moura, Nelson Motta, Fernando Brant and Ronaldo Bastos. Milton Nascimento, Maria Bethânia, Zimbo Trio, Nara Leao, Ney Matogrosso, Eugênia de Melo e Castro have recorded Tulio's songs.

Túlio Mourão has a personal and original identity in the Brazilian instrumental music, combining elements that range from classic music to jazz and the traditional music of Minas Gerais. He pursues a more Brazilian and rhythmic profile through a stimulating dynamic between the left and right hand, resulting in a so baptized “Jazz mineiro”. His music is based on a consistent melodic construction and his experience as an award-winning composer of soundtracks allows him to create themes that go far beyond mere excuses for improvisation.

The American saxophonist Bob Berg recorded Tulio's song "A Primeira Estrela". The single was produced by Chick Corea and had the participation of distinguished musicians such as Steve Gad, Victor Bailey, and Gil Goldstein. Guitarrist Pat Metheny also recorded in duo with Tulio his piece “Depois da Paixão”.

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Túlio Mourão's India Tour:

This is exciting that Túlio Mourão is visiting India in December 2018.

Please check our event page to know more details and how to attend his events.



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