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20 Most Desirable Beach Destinations in Brazil

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20 Most Desirable Beach Destinations in Brazil

20 Most Desirable Beach Destinations in Brazil

Brazil is famous for the rich coast and beautiful and diverse landscapes. There are many touristic destinations amongst the "most desirable" so reducing them to a list with only 20 is not an easy task!

The country's coast is around 7500 km and crosses over 17 of the 26 (excluding the Federal District, where the city capital is located). This is one of the main reasons why Brazil is amongst the most popular destinations for summer vacations – although, due to the tropical weather, most beaches can be enjoyed during other seasons too, even winter.

Being such a cultural diverse country, every state and region has its own characteristics and one can find many differences in cuisine, music, nightlife and service quality between them.

North Brazil:

 1.     Alter do Chão, Santarém/PA

This beach is located in the amazon and has incredible sandbank. Visitors must stay in one of the tents across the beach and enjoy nice local seafood and the unbelievable view.  

Northeast Brazil:

2.     Jericoacoara, Jijoca/CE

Considered one of the 10 most beaches in the world, this place used to be a fishing village and hasn’t completely abandoned the tradition despite the increase of the tourism. Famous for its green and transparent waters, can be a little pricy – but totally worth it.

3.     Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza/CE

This is the most popular beach in the state, not only for tourists but also locals. Famous spot for swimming and diving, is also one of the most dangerous places in this list so if you are planning to visit, it is highly recommended that you take a taxi to and from the beach.

4.     Pipa, Baia dos Golfinhos/RN

Golfinhos is the Portuguese word for dolphins and this is the biggest attraction in this beach as they occasionaly show up near the coast. One can take boat rides for a fair price – this destination is becoming more and more popular so prices are getting more expensive each day.

5.     Ponta negra, Natal

The most famous and busiest beach in Natal, attracts sports fans for windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddle visitors.

6.     Praia da Areia Vermelha, João Pessoa/PA

Located in an island, it is a calm and peaceful place to visit during weekdays – it can get a little crowded during weekends, especially during summer. The iron concentration grants the sand a particular red color, providing tourists with a beautiful landscape.

7.     Baía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha/PE

Voted the most beautiful beach in the world by Trip Advisors users, its green and blue shades of the sea provides an unforgettable experience. Accommodation and general prices are known for being one of the highests in the country.

8.     Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca/PE

Natural pools with crystal-clean waters in the middle of a small fishing village, it is one of the favorites summer destinations amongst Brazilians.

9.     Maragogi/AL

This city is known for its crystalline water and white sand. Perfect for swimming and scuba-diving, accommodates travelers on a budget – but is also home to several 5 starts hotels.

10.  Morro de São Paulo/BA

One of the 5 villages of the Tinharé island, it is the perfect place for those wanting to enjoy nature and quiet. The village is very simple and provides an amazing peaceful environment.

11.  Praia do Forte, Mata de São João/BA

Famous for its beautiful turquoise waters, it is a typical beach destination amongst Brazilians. It has a good infrastructure with are bars, restaurants and kiosks offering great local meals and drinks.

Southeast Brazil:

 12.  Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

One of the most wanted beaches and postcard of the city, Ipanema attracts many tourists and cariocas. As this is an upper-class neighborhood, so the price of services and food are high.

 13.  Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Probably the most popular beach in the country, Copacabana is known not only for the beach but also for the several restaurants, bars and clubs.

14.  Arpoador, Ipanema

The most famous sunset amongst locals, Arpoador is great for surfing or just enjoying the view if you are not a big fan of water sports. People usually visit the beach to watch – and applaude – the sunset, which can be a great experience.

15.   Búzios/RJ

Located within less than 200 km from Rio de Janeiro, it has one of the state’s best infrastructure for tourists. The small city offers great food, amazing landscapes and agitated nightlife.

16.  Praia da Armação, Ilha Bela/SP

Most popular amongst windsurfers and kite surfers, this beach houses the Windsurfing Association of Ilhabela, where there is a bar, toilets and showers.

17.  Praia de Itaparica, Vila Velha/ES

Recommended for those who appreciate a clean, safe with great food and nature. One of the main attractions are the corals, than can be explored by diving.

South Brazil:

18.  Praia da Fortaleza, Ilha do Mel/PR

Far from the urban life, this isolated beach is ideal for those looking for quiet and simple places. Most wanted by people who enjoy nature and peace. Accommodation can be very simple and not expensive.

19.  Praia da Sepultura, Bombinhas/SC

One of the few beaches that has a private area and a public area. Most famous for its unique crystalline blue water.

20.  Praia de Torres, Torres,RS

Its beauty is mostly related to the rocks sea, which is clean and blue. Very famous, with good infrastructure like restaurants, bars and hotels.

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