Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the average age of learners?

There is no age bar.

Q. What are the Modes of payment?

Fees can be deposited through Cash, Cheque, Online via Net Banking, Debit and Credit Card.

Q. Do you provide any course material?

Yes, we provide necessary books / study materials as needed to study the language. Additional books can be suggested to buy if you would like to.

Q. Will there be homework / tests / assignments etc.?

Yes, at the end of every class, your faculty will assign you homework for practicing at home. There will be 1 mid term and 1 final exam at the end of each level.

Q. Is there any online practice exercise available after the class?

Yes, we have online practice available for free to all our students during the course duration.

Q. Do you have classes during the weekends as we are working professionals?

Yes, we have weekend as well as weekdays batches available.

Q. I am traveling to foreign location and I want to learn the language and culture or that country in short span of time?

Yes, we have Individual batch which works as per the individual needs and pace. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Q. What is the duration of each class?

Usually in a group course, duration for each class is 2 hour. We also run customized intensive courses where duration of daysof classes will depend on the need and batch requirement.

Q. Do you have placement service?

Yes, we provide 100% assistance to our students in providing placement with reputed companies through our own consultancy and India’s 1st Language Jobs portal www.LangJobs.com. We have already placed more than 1000 Language Experts in various companies through our consultancy since 2007.

Q. Do you award any diploma or certificate after completion of the course?

Yes, at the end of each level of course, you are awarded with a certificate as per your course type.

Q. Will I be provided with an additional set of books if i lose this one?

Yes you have facility to take another set of books if you have lost. You would have to pay for the same on actual price.

Q. Can I pay by installments?

We allow you to pay the fee through installments for your convenience. There is also option to pay via credit card via EMI option.

Q. What kind of training is provided in the class?

Each of our Course includes Analytical, Theoretical and Practical practice of the language.

Q. Can I attend a demo class?

Yes, you can attend any of our ongoing classes as a demo. There will not be any separate demo class given at our institute.

Q. Do you charge anything other than the course fee?

No. The fee you pay us includes all the charges for the level and batch you are registered for. NO other charges need to be paid later for the chosen level.

Q.I work in shifts. Sometimes I may not be able to attend the classes. Then how can I complete the training?

We will try to adjust your schedule as per your situation. If you still miss your class, you can attend a makeup class.

Q. What is the fee for makeup class?

You can attend a makeup class by paying Rs.750 per hour.

Q.What is the strength of a batch?

A class size for group batch is usually between 5 to 12 students.

Q.What is the qualification and experience of the faculty members?

We have either Native speaker or are highly qualified trainers with extensive expertise in the language they are teaching.

Q. Can you give me the details of each available course?

For detail of each available course, you can visit our website www.langecole.com.

Q. We are a group of students.We all want to join the course together. Would you provide any discount in the fee?

Yes, if you have a group then we can also provide discount to each of the members.

Q. Do you also give referral discount to students?

Yes, we have a referral discount program. Every student’s registration number is a Referral discount code for any new students you want to refer. For each referral you would get a discount of Rs. 500 and another Rs. 500 discount will be offered to the student who takes the admission upon your referral. You can refer to as many of your friends and family through our website. This is applicable only one time for each new student.

Q. Can the prospective student club referral discount and corporate discount?

Corporate discount is available for students register through corporate representative and discount would be available to them as per the program. Referral discount can not be clubbed with the Corporate discount program offered to companies we have partnered with.

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